Who Am I

The content on this site has been migrated to GitHub pages: http://blog.wsmelton.info. Due to the limitations available with WordPress.com sites I cannot setup auto-redirects for every post, without forking out money at least.

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I am a SQL Server, PowerShell, and anything to do with data management gentleman. I am currently working as a remote DBA consultant. I perform database checks/assessments for clients, SQL Server only but would like to learn another RDBMS some day. I also dabble in system administration and application support a little bit as the need arises.

I enjoy hiking the foothills of the Appalachians with PowerShell and fly fishing the back rivers of Tennessee with SQL Server’s Business Intelligence stack (mostly report writing and building ETL solutions). In my spare time I also do a bit of mountain climbing with SQL Server performance tuning and development.

The biggest goal I hope to achieve: Attend the SQL Skills Immersion Events.