Windows 10 and SSCM disappearing

I have been using Windows 10 since it was released on my main (well only) laptop. I found some issues with the SQL Server management tools through the upgrade process, specifically SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM). The issue I had was SSCM disappearing from the Start Menu when I upgraded to Windows 10. I also […]

Modifying SQL Server Startup Parameters

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike….guess what I figured out? Well it all started by reading Mike Fal’s post on Managing SQL Server Services with #PowerShell. In that post he goes over manipulating the SQL Server service account and how to update it. In my case I needed to create a script that would let me […]

Improve Load Time on SQLPS

Over the month of November a fellow PowerShell enthusiast, Mike Fal (blog | @Mike_Fal), did a series on the SQL Server PowerShell module (SQLPS). In reading his series curiosity struck on what the module does when it was loading. I also just answered a question on DBA.SE that I figured out by tweaking a particular file for […]

Dynamically Build RDP Files

This post was originally published 26 July 2011, updated the script and the post since I have learned a good bit on PowerShell since the original post. I was pretty excited that work was finally going to install Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.2 on our laptops, until I started using it. It is nice if […]

Parse Deadlock Graph from System_Health session

Way back in October (2014) I published the post: XML, Glad that is over (yeah, I know such a good title). In that post I published a script built from researching how to get the deadlock report out of the Extended Event system_health session. Think of this session like the default trace of SQL Server […]

Build your own StackExchange Database

Have you ever wanted to be like Mike Brent and have your own local, sample StackExchange database? Do you know what PowerShell is? If you at least answered yes to the first and last question, I am here to help. I published a PowerShell script on GitHub and created a dedicated page to show you how […]